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‘mine soul singeth’
Radiator, keys, key rings

KHM1, Malmö, Sweden

‘Vol III’
Radiator, keys, tin cast, TV’s, video, spinning motor, key rings

“Vol III“, (Solo Exhibition) Spaysky Fine Art Gallery at Goodweather, Chicago, US

Snow chains, wire, connectors, pipes

Group Exhibition ‘Entanglement‘, U10 Art Space, Belgrade, RS

‘reflex lumen’
Radiator part, vaseline, fabric, bees wax, construction connector

Group Exhibition “Nomad: The 4:th Floor“, Tredje Våningen, Gothenburg, SE

Curated by: Nomad
Photo: Daniel Grizelj

Work by Johan Devigo visible on right side

‘slack jaw’
Fuel tank, charcoal, gas welding sticks, pacifier, mud, latex, salt

Group Exhibition “Nomad: The 4:th Floor“, Tredje Våningen, Gothenburg, SE

Curated by: Nomad
Photo: Daniel Grizelj

Works by Albin Looström visible on right upper side

‘rubs claws’
Burned scooter part, metal wire, rope, ripped shoe, vaseline, oil, pigment, belt, salt

Group Exhibition “Nomad: The 4:th Floor“, Tredje Våningen, Gothenburg, SE

Curated by: Nomad
Photo: Daniel Grizelj

Work by Albin Looström visible in backgroud and ceiling

‘creek licks’
Found milk jugs, silicone gloves, pigment

Group Exhibition “Nomad: The 4:th Floor“, Tredje Våningen, Gothenburg, SE

Curated by: Nomad
Photo: Daniel Grizelj

Goat milk soap, tin, led lights, plastic, metal, latex, silicone, pigment, fabric, soil, electric chord

Solo Exhibition, Heerz Tooya, Veliko Tarnovo, BU

Video loop 2:12 min

Group Exhibition “100% VROUW“, Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk, Alkmaar, NL

‘Tongue Twisters’
Bees wax, metal, silicone, pigment

Solo exhibition, Pannrummet, Konstepidemin, Gothenburg, SE

‘his nostrils!’
Radiator, key, key rings

Fairy Garden, Off-site Group Exhibition, Riverfront-Lakewood East Park, Detroit, US

Curated by Marissa Jezak: http://marissajezak.com/fairygarden.html
Photo: Marissa Jezak

‘his nostrils! II’
Chromatic harmonica, astatic mic, amplifier

Performed by Lasse Olsson at 'məd ˈdriliNG', Kulturtemplet, Gothenburg, SE (Duo exhibition with Jenny Johansson)


‘look full of laughter’ I & II
Spinning motors, keys, key rings, batteries, tie ribs, metal wire

Duo Exhibition ‘məd ˈdriliNG‘ (with Jenny Johansson), Kulturtemplet, Gothenburg, SE
Photo nr 1: Hanna Antonsson

‘they, themselves’
Red beet, silicone, salt

Group Exhibition “GROWTH”, Laurier Project Space, Amsterdam, NL
Other participating artists: Mire Lee, Marcel Mrejen, Temra Pavlovic & Dan Walwin

Photo & Curator: Marcel Mrejen

Milk powder, water, hay, various found plastic containers, plastic bags, plastic sheet

Group show “Bulking Agents“, M4 GastAtelier, Amsterdam, NL


A4, 20 p. edition of 25
Risograph Printed Photo & Text publication
Launched at Butchers Tears, Amsterdam, NL


12x18cm 54 p.
Edition of 40 
Thesis & Republished second edition as Essay. Link to pdf version: https://rietveldacademie.nl/en/media/inline/2018/6/27/oda_haugerud_living_dead_surplus.pdf

Thesis nomination for GRA Awards statement:
“Living Dead Surplus offers a fascinating insight in the appropriation of our desires, affects and collective fantasies by neoliberal capitalism. Technologies and the imperative of efficiency and production have colonised our bodies to the minutest detail by tying our metabolism in a tight loop with the ever more complex mechanisms of power. Technologies “script” us and proliferate in the most intimate spheres of our life and have become part of our bodies.

Oda Haugerud’s thesis charts the outlines of a condition of medicated and efficient body and discusses excretions, leakage and its management, prosthetics and props, dysfunction as function, cannibalism, as both bodily experiences and conceptual figures. The thesis is very well written and researched, demonstrates mastery of complex concepts and integration of own experience into the writing through a network of resonant fragments or “trip reports”. It offers a discussion of critical feminist approaches to and demonstrates precision and critical restlessness combined with an understanding of the complex question of pleasure.”

-Thesis supervisor Alena Alexandrova

Oda Haugerud (1990, SE)


2023      upcoming; Ride or Die 3.0, Malmö, SE
2023    upcoming; Group Exhibition, BLOOM, Düsseldorf, DE
2023      upcoming; Annual Exhibition, Malmö Art Academy, Malmö, SE
2023    upcoming; Group exhibition, Tredje våningen, Gothenburg, SE
2023      upcoming; Duo exhibition with Ingrid Blix, Heerz Tooya, Veliko Tarnovo, BU
2023      upcoming; Solo exhibition, Hall Gallery, Gothenburg, SE
2022    ‘məd ˈdriliNG‘, Kulturtemplet, Gothenburg, SE
2022     ‘New Student Exhibition’, KHM1, Malmö, SE
2022    ‘Fairy Garden’, Riverfront-Lakewood East Park, Detroit, US
2022    ‘Vol III Spaysky Fine Art Gallery‘ (Solo Exhibition), Goodweather, Chicago, US
2021    ‘Entanglements‘, U10 Art Space, Belgrade, RS
2020    ‘Tongue Twisters‘ (Solo Exhibition), Pannrummet Konstepidemien, Gothenburg, SE
2020    ‘Worldflax’, RIDE OR DIE 2, Gothenburg, SE
2020    ‘The 4th Floor’, Nomad, Tredje Vaningen, Gothenburg, SE
2019    ‘GROWTH’, Laurel Project Space, Amsterdam, NL
2019    ‘HYBREED’, RIDE OR DIE 1, Gothenburg, SE
2019    ‘Projekt Es Spionage’, Dapper, Amsterdam, NL
2019    ‘100% VROUW’, Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk, Alkmaar, NL
2019    ‘freezefearflood’ (Solo Exhibition), Heerz Tooya, Veliko Tarnovo, BU
2018    ‘The tide is high but I’m holding on’, Studio Agatha, Amsterdam, NL
2018    ‘JEANNEKE, PISS!’, Butchers Tears, Amsterdam, NL
2018    “Living Dead Surplus“ (Reading Performance), Print Plant Looiersgracht, Amsterdam, NL
2018    ‘Graduation Show’, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL
2018    ‘Bulking Agents’, M4gastatelier, Amsterdam, NL
2018    ‘Hold Me Now: Feel and Touch in An Unreal World’ Uncut, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL
2018    ‘Tantalus Bluff’, Gallerismus Hollandaise, Amsterdam, NL
2017    ‘GUT FAUNA’, Fijnhouttheatre, Amsterdam, NL
2017    ‘REHEARSAL’, SSBA Salon, Amsterdam, NL
2017    ‘What is Happening to our Brain?’ Uncut, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL
2016    ‘Genomics’, Wageningen University Research Centre, Wageningen, NL
2016    ‘Bots, Bodies, Beasts’  Uncut, Brakke Grond, Amsterdam NL
2014    ‘The Katalog Collective’, Wandesford Quay Gallery, Cork, IR
2014    ‘Slututställning’, Falsterbo Konsthall, Falsterbo, SE
2013    ‘Look Again at That Dot’, Makeriet, Malmö, SE
2013    ‘Art & Publishing’, Gallery Rotor2, Gothenburg, SE
2013    ‘Art & Publishing’, Litteraturhuset, Gothenburg, SE


2022     Aqtushetii, Omalo, GA
2022     Popps Packing, Detroit, US
2019     Belgrade Art Studio, Belgrade, RS
2019     ARV.International, Vishovgrad, BU
2018     M4Guestatelier, Amsterdam, NL


2015 - 2018     Bachelor of Fine Arts, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, NL
2014 - 2015     Bachelor of Visual Communication, Kolding School of Design, DK
2012 - 2014     Graphic Design Östra Grevie Folkhögskola, SE
2013                  Art & Publishing, Valand Academy of Fine Arts, SE
2011                 Film Studies, Gothenburg University, SE
2010                 Art History, Södertorn University, SE


2022    Guest Studio Detroit Grant, Cultural Administration of Västra Götaland
2022    Studio Support, The Cultural Administration of Gothenburg
2021    Artist Support Grant, Swedish Arts Committe
2021    One Year Working Grant, Swedish Arts Committe
2021    Temporary Culture Grant, The Cultural Administration of Gothenburg
2021    Studio Support, The Cultural Administration of Gothenburg
2020    K-Pengar, Kulturungdom
2020    Helge Axons Stipendiefond
2019    IASPIS International Culture Exchange Grant
2019    IASPIS International Culture Exchange Grant
2018    Gerrit Rietveld Academie Thesis Nomination for “LIVING DEAD SURPLUS“
2017    August Ringner Stipendiefond
2017    Petersenska Hemmet Stipendiefond
2015    Stiftelsen Anna Whitlocks Minnesfond
2014    Gunter Raud Stipendiefond


2020 - ongoing     Art Teacher, School of Culture, SE
2015 - 2022         Graphic Design Teacher & Mentor at Östra Grevie Folkhögskola, SE
2019 - ongoing Founder of Ride or Die Gallery https://rideordiegallery.com/, Gothenburg, SE
2017                       Entrance Exam Committe Member at Gerrit Rietveld Academie, NL
2017                       Co-organizer ’Gut Fauna’, Fijnhoutteatre, Amsterdam, NL
2015                       Drawing Workshop via Arrivals, Fristad Sthlm & Ingen Människa Är Illegal, SE
2014                       Workshop at Superplan Berlin, DE
2014 - 2020         Part of Young Art! Agency, Stockholm, SE
2013                       Published by BOLO Lab, Milan, IT



© Oda Haugerud